Golden Analysis

About us

It saw founded in Heraklion, Crete in 2011, offering analysis and alloy cleansing services using advanced equipment. It was established by supporting the manufacturers' needs directly and professionally, providing them with raw materials and goldsmith products. Our services have evolved in thefield of 3d design and printing as well as cutting and engraving with the use of laser.


Cleansing / Yield

We can analyse and offer a direct yield of the alloy into pure gold K24 and silver 999o. The cleansing process takes place in a fully industrialized environment, using specialized equipment to recover the precious metals which are all environmentally friendly.


The purchase of precious metals in alloy form is done after being analysed for their quality accompanied by the corresponding proof and direct payment based on the fluctuating gold table.

3D CAD / PRINTING & LASER cutting / Engraving

3D jewellery design and printing on wax by our 3D jewellery design team with the possibility to cut / engrave the jewels with the use of Laser on silver and gold.


Golden Analysis sells:

  • Gold K24
  • Silver 999
  • Different kinds of anti-corrosive and environmentally friendly alloy.

3D Design Service

We can make your imagination…into a fine jewellery… is an innovative idea of Golden Analysis with new possibilities towards jewellery traders and manufactures. Our multi annual experience in the jewellery making field has led us to create an adequately trained team on the latest design programmes and applications, offering hig quality services on 3D design and printing.